Muffin Tin Monday

As you can see, we're still running a bit slow around here...since I'm posting Muffin Tin Monday on (ahem) Tuesday. But here it is, nonetheless!

I know there's a lot of fruit, but she hadn't had much over the weekend and I was hoping that some Vitamin C might get that gunk outta her system. I attempted to follow a theme this week, too! Rainbow was the theme last week, but hey! it's a start.

Don't you love those little hands that really want that muffin tin?!
Clockwise from top left: Dark purple grapes x2, kiwi fruit x2, butternut squash muffins x2, green beans x2, avocado x2 and strawberries x2.

As usual, she gobbled it all up, starting with the avocado.

We're still on the mend, but we're getting there! At least she is in good spirits so we're trying to spend time outside since the weather is B-E-A-Utiful!