Recycler in Training

About 2 months ago, we taught Sweet P to throw away her dirty diapers. Now, this task doesn't happen often since we now cloth diaper almost exclusively, but every now and again she'll be in a disposable for one reason or another (current reason: sad, sad diaper rash from something she ate and needed to use some major diaper cream). So after she learned about the trash, we started asking her to throw other things away. She'll throw away dryer sheets while I fold towels or pieces of string she finds or other things that don't recycle. So far, she only throws things away when we ask her to.

A few weeks ago, we started asking her to "recycle" things. Because the kid LOVES the recycle bins we have in the kitchen (they are just her height). So she started recycling paper, tags from new clothes (thanks to Gammie), raisin boxes, plastic containers...ya know, the usual. Well, she's never recycled something unprompted. Until today.

I wasn't home to witness our baby reducing her carbon footprint, but the Farmer said "She recycled her raisin box tonight."

Me: "Did you tell her to?"

Him: "Nope. She just brought it over and put it in the bin. She took it back out again, played with it, looked for more raisins, took it into the living room and then decided she was really done with it and dropped it back in the bin."

So there ya have it. Teach them young, I tell ya, teach them young.