Where'd you go?

My motivation. Have you seen it?

Anyone ever feel like they're lacking motivation? (You can't see me, but my hand's raised. Really high.) For the past few weeks I've just been slugging along (and nope, not preggo). Lack motivation to blog, motivation to clean, motivation to run around. I still do all those things, I've just lost. my. motooooo....you get the point.

So, I've decided to become more organized! After reading about Jessica's system at Our Family for His Glory, I decided I needed a system, too! I tend to get overwhelmed all at once and then try to clean my house all in one day! Then I get sidetracked by something and end up missing tons of chores. So, organization...Here I come! I, like Jessica, need to break things in to days so that things are done daily and then deep cleaned every few months. Obviously some things get done every day (sweeping the kitchen, dishes, wiping out the sink, etc), but the bulk of it just needs a set day. That way I don't have laundry coming out my ears with the floor needing to be vacuumed and dust starting to pile up. Here's what I decided and if all goes well, I'll update you on my progress. This may not go smoothly this week since we leave on Wednesday for a wedding in New Orleans and I did a lot of cleaning today (hence this epiphany I'm having). And why yes, I am a little bit anal about having a clean house.

Mondays: Bathrooms, Laundry (towels/bedding)
Tuesdays: Deep cleaning of one room
Wednesdays: Mop kitchen floors, clean porch
Thursdays: Dust, clean windows
Fridays: Vacuum, stainless steel wipe down
Saturdays: Laundry (clothes)
Sundays: Day of rest!

Diaper laundry gets done every 2 or 3 days so it gets in there, too. Picking up gets done EVERY day and since the Farmer takes care of the trash, it's not on the list. I'm really looking forward to this!

Do you have a system? How do you make it work!?

Thanks, Jessica for the great ideas and inspiration!