Thankful Thursday

Today I am super thankful for my scrumptious little Sweet P. She makes my day. Even when she's in trouble, she makes me smile.

Like yesterday when she was playing with the tiles from Apple Scrabble (choking hazards, I KNOW!) and I was watching her closely to make sure she didn't put any in her mouth. She starts out playing with them, pulling them all out of the apple they come in, stacking them, throwing them off her high chair, then after about 5 minutes I see her stick them in her mouth. I gently squeeze those chubby cheeks and say OUT. And reach in and take them out (because that kid is NOT gonna spit them out). As soon as they're out, she grabs another handful and sticks them in her mouth (she's fast. I mean, really fast). I grab those out too and say, "You're done. We're all done. No more playing with scrabble." and take her out of her chair before she grabs another handful to stuff in her mouth (because you know that's where this was headed).

As I scoop them off the floor back into the apple, she's about a foot away and says, "Maaaamaaaa?" in this innocent little voice and comes and wraps her arms around my neck. Like she knows she did something she wasn't supposed to and is trying to make it all better. How can you be upset with that?! How?! Ahh, what a little toot, but I'm so so thankful for that little toot.