Why We Wait for the "Big" Stall

Why, yes, this is a post about the restroom. How did you guess?

Here's a few reasons why you should wait for the handicapped stall when using the restroom with 2 small children.

Last week we went to Target and I had to go potty. Bad. Might've been the coffee and bottle of water I drank on the way, but who knows for sure.

For some reason one of the Target's in town puts their potty in the VERY back of the store. Really? This is not ideal for me. Especially when you have to pass EVERY SINGLE aisle of toys on the way.

On this particular day Baby Blue needed a nap and had just fallen asleep in the Ergo (and I knew we'd be there well over an hour).

Once we got into the restroom I noticed the largest stall was taken. I couldn't wait so I stuffed all 3 of us into a regular stall and got down to business.

Me: Sweet P leave the lock alone (she unlocks it and the door starts to open). Arghh. (I pull the door shut and relock it--yep, pants around my ankles, baby in Ergo).

So then Sweet P decides to lean on the door and before I can say a peep the door SWINGS open just as someone walks into the restroom. Sweet P falls to her bottom and I grab the swinging door to close it (yet again) and squish poor Baby Blue in the process. Baby Blue squeaks and is done napping.

Next time. We're waiting for the big stall.

PS Every store on the planet should have a family restroom. Just sayin'.