Zoo Bingo

A few weeks ago Sweet P, Baby Blue and I made our first trip to the zoo this year. As we were about to walk out the door I had the idea of Zoo Bingo! I booked it down to the basement and grabbed our sticker box, a piece of cardboard, a ruler and a Sharpie.
I quickly drew a grid and found stickers of animals we might find at the zoo (and some I wasn't sure about). Sweet P stuck them on the grid (the bigger animals had to go on the back side). I grabbed some star stickers and we headed out the door!
We didn't find all the animals on our Bingo card, but she did make a Bingo! We play a lot of magnetic bingo so she does understand the concept.
This was such a fun way to talk to Sweet P about the different kinds of animals. It was a quick and easy activity that didn't involve printing anything and involved stickers!, one of Sweet P's favorite things.
Have you ever tried Zoo Bingo?