Small World Play: Outdoor Olympic Arena

After falling in love with The Imagination Tree's Olympic Sports Small World Play, I knew I had to  create something similar for Sweet P. I dragged my feet a bit in purchasing the Playmobil Sports & Action dolls, but when I saw them in person at a friend's house (she loved The Imagination Tree post too!) I was hooked.

While the Farmer and Sweet P were out on a walk, I drew a chalk road (Sweet P had been asking for one) and a large space for an outdoor Olympic Arena. I used chalk to draw the area, and added details with the Playmobil items and sand.

Here's what I included:

  • Track with shotput/discus circle, long jump and high jump areas
  • Soccer Field
  • Swimming Pool
    • I created the backstroke flags with a piece of yarn and colored stickers
  • Sand Volleyball Pit
  • Gymnastics Floor

Sweet P rode in from their walk on her tractor and said "Look what mama made!" She went straight for the pool! After Missy Franklin's backstroke race (named for the US swimmer), Sweet P went to watch the sand volleyball match. 

The soccer player came with stickers you could write on and numbers to put on his jersey. Sweet P chose #15, The Farmer's old number and she wrote his name on the sticker for the back of his jersey!

I love that the dolls can hang from the bar! And I totally staged this shot!

I found 2 other toys that were small enough to be part of the arena and we used them as the Track & Fielders. After showing Sweet P how the long jump worked, she thought it was pretty funny to make them run and jump into the sand. And please ignore Sweet P's shoes - they are her outdoor shoes because she drags her feet while riding her tractor. Those shoes are well loved!

I also noticed a new sport in the arena: Synchronized Uneven Bars! After Sweet P figured out how to get their hands on the bar, she couldn't stop adding more people!

And everyone ended up in the pool after a long day of Olympic competitions.

Gotta be honest, I love these toys as much as she does. I love them so much, I want to share some with YOU!

The Story Behind the Giveaway:
I went to a local learning store to pick up 1 Playmobil gymnast and 1 soccer player. Sadly, they were out of female gymnasts so I settled for a female swimmer and a male soccer player. Auntie K was a collegiate swimmer so I'm glad we ended up getting the swimmer. I took a picture of the swimmer and sent a quick text to Auntie K and Gammie saying we got the swimmer, but they were out of the gymnasts. Fast forward 2 days later: 2 packages appeared on our doorstep. Both held 2 female gymnasts. Whoops! Auntie K AND Gammie both sent the female gymnasts! Are my kiddos blessed with generous aunties and grandmas or what? So we decided to share the extras with one lucky reader! Giveaway completed August 6th, 2012.

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