Exploring Ice: Painting a T-Shirt

I've had these ice cubes in my freezer for Ohh, a month now and really wanted to set up an activity for Sweet P. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do because I used food coloring to color them before realizing it was going to stain like crazy (because working with it when I took it out of the ice trays left my hands blue).

We decided to use them in the bath and she had a blast throwing the ice cubes in the water. They did NOT stain (phew!) and left the water an awesome color of purple (and for some reason my photo of that disappeared). I made poor Sweet P wear baggies on her hands because I was afraid it would stain her hands for days. In retrospect, it probably would've been fine and I was just being a clean freak. She tried catching ice cubes with a wooden spoon and loved stirring the water. The colored tails on the ice were pretty neat to watch, too.

With the leftovers, I thought it'd be fun to paint a t-shirt. My brain thought that the shapes of the ice would transfer to the t-shirt, but silly me! Once the ice started melting...no more shape. It still came out really cool if you ask me!
I'm so excited for her to wear it! The Farmer likes the back the best and all I did was toss a few melting ice cubes underneath the shirt. The patterning turned out really cool, but it dried differently than it looks in these pictures. 

the back:

Sweet P lost interest in the activity pretty quickly and spend the rest of the time running through the sprinkler in her jammies.