Baby Bear Preschool: Letter U Activities

We did Letter U the week after I had hand surgery so Gammie helped me out a lot before she left by cutting out umbrellas and making an numbered umbrella puzzle. Here's what else we did:

Umbrella Grid Game (printable from Prekinders): Sweet P used flat stones as manipulatives and 2 die to practice one to one correspondence, counting and numbers.

Umbrella Counting and Numbers: Gammie made these umbrellas and I laminated them. Sweet P used different colors of blue pompoms to put the appropriate number of raindrops under each umbrella. 

I wanted to use the umbrellas again so we did it another day using Unifix Cubes (Google Affiliate Ad) instead. I prestacked the cubes and she laid out the umbrellas in numerical order. She'd count the cubes, then add them to the appropriate umbrella. After that, she wanted to make stairs and spent awhile stacking them by size (which was putting them in numerical order without evening realizing it!). 

Pouring, Scooping and Transferring: This served as one of her trays and had different items to fill or pour or scoop with. I used to blue and flat stones for "rain." Sweet P LOVES transferring and pouring activities. 

U is for Umbrella Dot page from DLTK: She's also really into tracing letters as well.

U Maze with dot markers DO-A-DOT MARKERS from Shannon's Tot School:

U is for Umbrella coloring sheet from All Our Days: When my mom was here she showed Sweet P how you could color each piece of clothing (in a coloring book) a different color and that girl hasn't stopped coloring since! She is all about it and she love these color sheets (especially because they are color by number).

Tissue Paper/Contact Paper U: I taped a large piece of contact paper to the top of her little table and she cut out tiny pieces of tissue paper. She stuck them on the contact paper, stuck a piece on top and I cut out the letters and umbrella. I hole punched the umbrella and she stuck in the pipe cleaner to make the handle.

Umbrella Numbered Puzzle: Gammie made this puzzle while she was here and Sweet P put it together without much trouble. I love that she held it up over her head like it was raining!

Unicorn Horn: Again, Gammie made the red portion of the horn, I hole punched the sides and threaded a piece of yarn through it. Her tray was set up with the horn, glitter glue, feathers, stickers and sequins. She had a blast making it and couldn't wait for it to dry so she could put it on!

Coffee Filter Umbrellas: Have I mentioned that we love coffee filter crafts? It's seriously Sweet P's favorite craft right now so I try to find ways to incorporate them into our lessons. They made perfect umbrellas! After she created them, we let the dry and then folded them in half. She decorated them with stickers while hole punched and threaded the pipe cleaners through. These hung on our front window with the tissue paper U craft.

Leaf Rubbing: Not Letter U, but a fall craft we couldn't resist! Sweet P and the Farmer went on a nature walk to collect leaves and then I taped them to the table. I taped a large piece of craft paper on top and she went to work rubbing them. After the first rub, I turned the paper and she did it again. I love how it turned out!

That was our week! It went by quick because we were preparing to go to TK's wedding! 

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