21 Days of Gratitude: Day 14 - Finding Gratitude in the Day to Day

It's Day 14 of Inspired By Family's 21 Days of Gratitude and I can't believe we only have 8 days until Thanksgiving! Anyone else feel like this year has FLOWN by?

Today I'm grateful for things I usually take for granted, resources, if you will.

Last week while cleaning a 9x13 pan that held the remnants of an egg casserole I'd made for MOPS, I found my inner-self complaining about how much I loathed cleaning egg. When I realized how silly I sounded, I asked myself "How can I glorify God while cleaning this dish?" and began to thank Him.

I thanked Him for running water, hot water and soap to clean the dish; two hands to make the dish; the income that paid for the eggs, the soap, the dish and the sponge; a working oven that baked the casserole; a home to prepare the casserole; and great friends with whom I shared the casserole.

When I put it in perspective, I realized I had no business complaining about cleaning eggs out of a dish. Seriously?! Talk about 1st world problems.

Did you know 780 people lack access to clean drinking water? I have the privilege of filling 5 gallon jugs with it at the grocery store every week. And I'm COMPLAINING?!!

All day long I take these every day things for granted and so today, I'm extremely grateful for all of the resources that make my day to day routine doable:

  • clean drinking water
  • running water
  • hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing
  • electricity 
  • heat and central air to heat and cool our home
  • shelter from the elements
  • a toilet
  • a shower with soap
  • clean clothing
  • a vacuum
  • beds
  • blankets
  • a refrigerator full of food
  • a car with gas in it
  • an oven, a microwave and a stove
  • cleaning supplies and towels
  • shoes
  • a jacket, multiple jackets
  • jobs
  • a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • a washer and dryer
  • tools
  • grocery stores
Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I'm grateful for that make my day easier every day. 

So next time you find yourself tempted to complain about laundry, or cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming or cleaning an egg dish, take a minute and stop to count your blessings. Turn your complaint into a thank you and remember just how privileged we are.

Inspired by Family Magazine