Pine Cone Turkey

This week was full of Thanksgiving activities and turkeys, turkeys, turkeys! We went to a playdate and did a paper plate turkey with some friends, made a pilgrim and a Wampanoag out of TP rolls and made a few turkeys.

Sweet P's pine cone turkey is my fav and I love the colors that she picked for the feathers. We used a glue gun, but it's Dollar Tree glue so it's actually not really hot. I'd squirt out the glue for her and she'd stick on the feathers because it wasn't hot to the touch. Please assist your child if you have a very hot glue gun.

{What you need}
1 pine cone
2 googly eyes
1 beak (orange foam)
red pipe cleaner for waddle
plastic bottle cap + orange foam for base
an abundance of feathers!
hot glue or white glue

Affix eyes, beak and waddle. Glue base of pine cone to plastic bottle cap and cover with orange foam. Pick out feathers and start gluing!

Isn't she beautiful?!