Arrr! Wipe me booty!

Yes, that is my title.
Yes, my child has a onesie that says that on it.
Yes, she has worn it.

Auntie K made it for her when she was a newborn. It was an iron on we found at Hobby Lobby. Sadly, she outgrew the outfit so quickly that she only wore it twice. It was pretty hilarious. But the title doesn't refer to this onesie, it refers to wipes. Homemade wipes.

I've been making wipes since Sweet P was born. I used to travel with them and then found that it was a little easier to take store bought wipes on the go. I now only use the homemade wipes at home, but I love them. They are quick. easy. and best of all...CHEAP! Each wipe recipe I've seen varies a bit, but this is what works for us.

We ran into a few bumps as we tried them out. They worked great until she stopped needing her diaper changed every 5 minutes and then we had a mold problem. I don't know if it was the type of paper towel or something else, but ewwwww. I almost stopped making them until I found a solution. One that didn't require me to purchase anything I didn't have at home. So here is our wipe recipe.

What you need:
1/2 of a paper towel roll (select-a-size are the perfect size)
1 tbsp baby oil
1-2 tbsp baby shampoo
1 tbsp vinegar (vinegar is a natural disinfectant and this is what helps keep mold at bay. I also clean the container out with vinegar before making a new set of wipes. This was my solution.)
large container (mine is Rubbermaid from Target)
2 cups water (boiled, then cooled to room temperature)

Cut a roll of paper towels in half. We've used both an electric knife and a serrated knife. Either way, it takes some elbow grease. Place in container.
Boil 2 c water on the stove. Allow to cool. Once cooled, add baby oil, shampoo and vinegar and whisk.
Pour over top of paper towels and put the lid on the container. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, then pull out cardboard center (it will be really easy to take out). After 5 minutes, turn the container over and allow the mixture to completely soak into the paper towels. Your wipes are ready to use!
NOTE: I keep my wipes in the refrigerator. Sweet P is not bothered by this. Children with a sensitivity to cold may need to have the wipes warmed in your hands first.

Update: Sweet P is on the mend. She still has a terrible diaper rash, but I hear that's to be expected with these meds.