What's in your mouth?

Oh, the words I utter 100 times on a daily basis to my child. Also on the list:
"Keep it out of your mouth."
"Leave it out of your mouth."
"Leave that alone."
"Biting hurts mommy."
"Careful." (this one is said about 1000 times).

I try hard not to say NO to Sweet P alot because I don't want it to be her first real word. I also try reeeeally hard to keep negatives out of the statements I use when I don't (see it's hard) want her to do something. It's tough! That's why I have resorted to "leave it alone" and "keep it out of your mouth" instead of "don't put that in your mouth." I do say "Stop," so my luck "Stop" will be her first word. But that sounds a lot better to me than NO!

I read somewhere that their brains don't really process the negative part so they only hear "put that in your mouth." I've heard this before in regards to self-talk. By saying "Don't forget the grocery list," it gets put into your brain as "forget the grocery list" and then, well, we all know what happens.

So the most used phrase around here has become "What's in your mouth?" I no longer have to vacuum my house because Sweet P does it for me. She also enjoys vacuuming friends houses as well. Just call her Hoover (let me know if you need to borrow her for your house cleaning). So far I have caught her with a corn chip crumb, carpet, thread, and a vast number of pieces of lint. And a few of those things actually made it into her mouth (and the fishing out began). The kid can find and pick up something I can't even see! I guess I better start vacuuming every day!

Note: Please know that I do not use my child as a vacuum. This post is supposed to be humorous.

PS. The Sleep Challenge is going great!