Ash Wednesday

Despite Sweet P's sickness, we made it to church today. We went to the noon service and she played with some bracelets of mine I have turned into toys for her...until I noticed the elastic was about to break...I quickly took it away from her before 20 little blue balls went dancing all over the floor of the church. What a sight that would have been! It wasn't our home church and Sweet P was extra chatty so we were already getting looks from the 2 older men seated in front and beside us. However, their attention was soon diverted to the 4 year old boy down the pew who kept loudly asking his mom (about Sweet P), "What's that baby saying?!" How did he not know? I thought it was crystal clear. And I'm sure the priest did too as she was shouting "DADA" at the top of her lungs. And me being the bad mom that I am can't help but laugh when she does it. How can you blame her? The acoustics in church (especially big Catholic ones) are amazing!

And in case you're wondering, no we aren't C & E Catholics. We go most Sundays. I say most because sometimes we go to an evangelical church. If you're gasping at the polarity here...don't fret. The Farmer is not Catholic. I am. We found our home church and we both liked it so most Sundays we go there. Every so often The Farmer asks to go to Valley. So we do. And we get to see Mama Rose on those days which is always a treat. We are in, what communication scholars call, an Interfaith Marriage. It works for us. The Farmer does not feel called to become Catholic and I don't push him to do so.

So here's to 40 days of Lent. We're both giving something up and trying to do more acts of faith during this 40 days of well. Of course acts of faith should be done year round, but this is helping get our booties in gear. And speaking of booties, I need to get mine in bed because as you can see...I'm past my challenge bedtime.

Good night.

PS. C & E stands for Christmas & Easter
PSS. I am making a resolution (I decided this right now) to take more pictures! My posts are lacking in the picture department. I'm blaming the snow.