There are days that I want to just crawl back into bed as soon as I get out.
This was one of those days. Except it was about 6pm that I wanted to crawl back in.

And I'm going to be honest and tell you that my Sleep Challenge progress is, well, not really progress. BUT! I have excuses. Really, I do. Plus, it was only Saturday night and last night that I didn't abide by my rules.

Saturday: Last Monday my jump drive decided to wipe itself (translation, it wasn't doing what I wanted and froze the computer (which is weird because we have a Mac) and wouldn't close powerpoint so I did what any woman would do and shut it down...but took out the jump drive before it was done...whoops..but! it worked after that, until..). I got to class (I teach a speech class, remember?) and put in the jump drive. A little prompt came up that said "Disk unreadable." And it gave me 2 options, neither of which provided help.

That said, on Saturday night I found myself recreating powerpoints for the rest of the semester. Luckily, it's an 8-week course and I only have 3 weeks left. Otherwise, I might have cried. Which I have already done twice today.

Sunday: The Farmer had food poisoning so I stayed up with him until he felt comfortable enough to go to bed. Poor guy, it was a rough night for him.

Today, I'm getting back on schedule...especially after the day we had. It didn't start off spectacular for various reasons. The biggest reason? Snow, snow and more snow. But I packed Sweet P in the car and we went to the gym anyway since I had to teach this morning. And then we made a trip to Wal-Mart (which is reason enough to have a mental breakdown) and when we got home I was famished so I put Sweet P in the PackNPlay while I made a quick lunch. When I scooped her up to sit her at the table while I ate, I realized there was poop. Everywhere. On every toy she was playing with, on the PackNPlay, all over her. The lucky Farmer chose that moment to walk in the door and saved the day by helping me get Sweet P into the bathtub and clean. It was a doozy.

Later while Sweet P and The Farmer napped, I tried to figure out what was wrong with our faucet. It's been making weird pressure noises. It wasn't until Sweet P and The Farmer walked into the kitchen that the head shot off the sprayer and shot water up my nose, soaked my front and sprayed the ceiling and cabinets behind me. I was done after that. So I cried.

But I'm better now and going to snuggle with The Farmer. And go to bed early. And be thankful I have this in my life: