Why do you blog?

Last night before I went to bed (which was later than I was supposed to, sorry challenge...I'll explain WHY I was up so late in another post), I was thinking about why I blog. So here it is:

I don't blog because I want the world to read my thoughts. I don't blog because I think I have fabulous things to say. I don't blog because I know tons about farming (because I don't) and want to share with an audience. And I don't blog because I'm an awesome writer and want you to know.

I realized last night while getting ready for bed that I blog because I miss writing. I have a bachelor's in creative writing and you wouldn't know it from what I do now (or from my lackluster writing). After college I experienced a series of unfortunate events, during which my writing became obsolete. All I dreamed to do floated away and I became an empty shell not sure who I was or what I was doing. (A few short months later I met The Farmer).

For awhile, I stopped writing because it made all the hurtful things in my life real. Writing probably would have been therapeutic, but I put it aside. Then, after I began dating The Farmer and opening my eyes to the glory of God around me, writing just seemed like a waste of time. I was too busy drinking in all God had to show me, so my writing remained on the back burner.

Then this summer, while digging through boxes of keepsakes at Gammie's house, I saw how much I loved to write. There were dozens of pieces of paper with short stories, poems and beginnings of what I was determined to make into a novel (when I was 12). I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. And while I may never write a novel, or a collection of poetry, or a short story; I can still write a blog. The most interesting things to read are about a person's life anyway.

I've tried several times to return to writing and it never seemed like the right time. So if you are reading this, you are taking a journey with me. A journey that won't have an ending because it's a journey toward becoming the writer I always wanted to be (and we all know that a writer's work is never really finished). And for me, writing about my life with The Farmer and Sweet P and the love Christ has for us is the best place to begin.

So why do you blog?