Sweet P has learned several new words lately, but for some of them, you wouldn't know what she was talking about unless she pointed at the item. My absolute favorite is her word for bicycle or motorcycle (the word is the same). Any time we see a bicycle, the Farmer's, some guy on the street, at a store, her face lights up and she yells, " Dadoooo!" Yep. Dadoo. Bicycle.

I'm glad I'm writing this blog because I wanted to make note of them before she started saying them the right way. A few others:

Muh-muh = Pumpkin
Merma = Mermaid
Ucka = Yuck
Ocka = Sock
Rocka = Rock
Walka = Walk
Bahoooo = Balloon
Wowa = Flower
Wa-wa = Water
Aw-yun = All done
I buh bya = I like bugs (seriously)

She's also started saying Duck (and it actually sounds like duck). And signing please and thank you (with a little prompting). And my other favorite new development is when she hums the ABC song. It's so dang cute to listen to her hum a tune. When did my baby get so big?