My husband...the Ringmaster?

I mentioned Saturday that Sweet P calls mermaids, "Merma." She has a small mermaid toy (a friend who babysat her gave it to her) that I'm pretty sure came from a McDonald's Happy Meal with crazy brown hair and a blue mermaid tail. I just call her mermaid so Sweet P eventually picked up on it.

We also have a circus puzzle that has individual pieces with pegs to hold on to when you put them in the correct place. It's an old puzzle and Gammie let us take it home last time we visited. There is a blonde girl with a green tutu dress who is a trapeze artist. For some reason, Sweet P also thinks she is a mermaid and calls her "Merma."

Sometime last week while I was teaching speech class, Sweet P was playing with the puzzle while the Farmer watched. When she picked up the trapeze artist, she said "Merma." Thinking she said ,"Mama" and not wanting to be left out of the puzzle, the farmer somehow convinced Sweet P that the Ringmaster on the puzzle was "Dada." So what do you think she says as she runs over to me holding the Ringmaster in her hand?

Yep. Dada. Love that top hat and mustache, honey.