The Perfect Fall Day

Today was the perfect day for pumpkin carving. And apple cider. And pancakes. And, and and. The Farmer was home this morning so I cooked up some oatmeal pancakes for us. Sweet P had some muffins, she's not eating much these days since she has bronchitis (yep, my poor sweet bun).

We gobbled those oatmeal pancakes down with mugs of apple cider from Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge, IA. Love that place and their cider and their honeycrisp apples AND their apple cider donuts! After breakfast we headed out for some pumpkin carving! (with pumpkins from the farm). As you can see Sweet P was in on the action.

I had hoped this would be a great sensory activity for her, but she wasn't the least bit interested in touching the pumpkin with her hands. The only time she did was when the Farmer was picking out the seeds (for roasting) and I asked her if she could help and she picked up a piece of pumpkin and plopped it in the bowl. Oh well, maybe next time.

Yours truly carved that pumpkin and I have to say that with that little tool of the Farmer's it was the easiest pumpkin I've ever carved! And it doesn't look half bad. I'm a traditional jack'o'lantern kinda gal, nothing fancy. And yes, that is an ice cream scoop we're using!

After Sweet P's nap, I made oyster crackers snackers and pumpkin seed/date cakes. But you'll have to wait another day or two for those. And we finished the day with Potato Leek soup (more on that soon, too). Now Sweet P is in bed and the Farmer is at the Drake soccer game (go Bulldogs!).

What fall crafts or activities did you do today?