Pumpkin Seed/Date Cakes

Auntie Rosita sent me a link to this recipe a few weeks ago from Green Kitchen Stories and I finally got around to trying it. The Farmer was using the computer so I did it from memory since I knew the measurements, but I didn't separate the pumpkin seeds into 3 piles like it said so I ended up having to use twice as many dates. It then made twice as many cakes so that's good. I can't quite describe their taste, but they are super yummy. I also made my own topping since I didn't have any of those items they used for their toppings in the house. I'm posting the recipe as I made it since that is how they turned out.

The Recipe: Pumpkin Seed/Date Cakes

What you need:
1 cup pumpkin seeds
15 dates

Place a 1/2 cup of seeds and 1/2 the dates in a blender or mini food processor.

Blend until the mixture sticks together when you gather it. Mold into balls and place on wax paper. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Flatten balls into round cakes (I used the bottom of a glass). Place in fridge or freezer while you make the topping.

Sweet P was yelling at me for more as I made these since I gave her a taste so I had to be quick with the topping. Here's what I did.

The Recipe: Blueberry Yogurt Topping

What you need:
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup yogurt
dash of cinnamon

Blend in a mini food processor or blender for a few seconds. Add a dollop to each cake.

Wala! Sweet P loved these (and so did I). They remind me of Larabars (which we love around here) and the topping was really good, too. I wasn't thinking it was going to be anything special, but it added a nice flavor to the dates and pumpkin seeds. A great snack for her on the go, too, minus the topping of course!