Toddler Time

Kids say and do the darnedest things don't they? So let's chat about it. Here are my two favs this week:

#1) Yesterday after her nap, I set Sweet P down after we came downstairs and she started waving frantically to something behind me. Realizing I had the blinds pulled up, I turned to see if our neighbors were outside. Nope. But they do have some pretty crazy Halloween decorations. So who was she waving to? Oh ya know, just the grim reaper in the window next door who has his hand up (hence, the wave). I said, "Oh, yep. Hi Mr. Skeleton." Aaaand close blinds.

#2) Sweet P recently learned that "ow" means you've hurt yourself. She's fallen a few times and has scratches on her hands so we talk about the owies and of course, any time anything touches a scratch, it's "OW, OW!" I've pointed out an owie on my arm and in a book where a girl got stung by a bee so she knows other people get them, too. Then last night before we went to the Great Pumpkin Party at Valley Church, I was complaining to the Farmer about my adult acne. Don't you love that stuff? As I was sitting feeding Sweet P before we went to the party, she begins pointing at 2 zits on my face saying, "Ow? Ow?" Yep. Ow. Thanks, kiddo.

Embarrassing? Yes, but ya gotta love those toddler moments.