Happy Halloween!

Hope you and yours have a fabulous Halloween today! Here in Des Moines, kids trick or treat on the day before Halloween. And it's not called Halloween. It's called Beggar's Night. And you don't say trick or treat. You tell a joke! So strange to me! But I didn't hear any jokes last night. Not a single trick or treater came to the door! I suppose that's what happens when you live across the street from a cemetery. I wouldn't trick or treat at my house either.

So Sweet P and I had a nice night in. I made her pizza and we played with some toys we got from various Halloween gatherings this week. I didn't take her out trick or treating, but she was able to dig into some bowls of candy at the last Farmer's Market of the season, yesterday. Did she eat the candy? Ha, of course not. I did. We missed the Farmer (the market wasn't the same without him). I had a breakfast burrito since I hadn't had one all season and bought a small bag of caramel apple popcorn (that I'm hiding from the Farmer because he'll eat it all if I don't).
Trying to hand me her spider ring at the Farmer's Market

What we're MOST looking forward to today is that Daddy comes home!!! He won't be home until after Sweet P goes to bed, but this farmer's wife can't wait!

Hope you enjoy your Halloween and don't eat too much candy!