Goodbye Christmas Decorations, Hello Bible Journey

It makes me really sad to put away Christmas decorations. Maybe because another was has passed? Maybe because it takes awhile? Maybe because I really like the look of a lighted tree in my front window? I don't really know why. Sigh. Like all good things, the Christmas season has come to an end. But remembering the reason for the season doesn't end with Christmas! We can remember and dwell in His Word all year long!

In November I decided to read the bible in a year. I got knocked off course during the holiday season, but I'm getting back on track now. My bible starts its "Read the Bible in a Year" schedule with Genesis in January, but I think I'm going to start with the New Testament. I read Acts-Hebrews when I first began so this time I'll start with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and finish the NT with Revelation (no s). Then, I'll go to Genesis. That way I'll have trudged through the heaviness of Revelation before I embark upon the complexity of the Old Testament.

I may not get through it in a year. I may finish sooner than that, but I'm going to do it. Day by day and in the morning, when I wake up so I don't fall asleep as I'm reading (which I tend to do).

Okay friends, are you up for this challenge? Who's coming with me on this journey? You don't have to start or pick up where I do, but are you up for reading the bible in a year?