Tot School: Travel Edition #3

Tot School

Sweet P is 20 months old

I realize we've been home for a week, but we haven't been doing much other than putting new things away, catching up on much needed sleep (can you say 3 hour naps for Sweet P?), running errands and learning how to climb DOWN the stairs! Wahoo for that!

Anyway, I'll be posting pics of what we did as far as Tot School goes on our trip (I didn't take very many pics this week anyway since Gammie had my camera cord...until it arrived today!).

Stickers: Gammie had tons of stickers for Sweet P to play with and play with them she did. Every time she was in the high chair she was playing with stickers while she waited on her meal. She's gotten great at peeling them off herself.
Snowman craft: Gammie (do you see a theme here) cut a snowman out of felt and helped Sweet P construct a snowman with a scarf, buttons and a hat. His (or her) even had a rhinestone on it! Sadly, I don't have a picture of the finished product and he got left in Dallas.
Pizza Party game: This was one of Auntie Kannon's games when she was little (I don't even know if they make it anymore) and Sweet P had a great time putting all the veggies onto the pizza. It's not really a puzzle game, but it was perfect for Sweet P to play with!
Santa craft: I saw this idea on One is Fun and decided we had to do it too! I freehanded the Santa based on one I saw on a cup and then went over it with sharpie. I colored his hat and glued a pompon to the top of it. I made a glue paste out of Elmer's glue and a little bit of water. Then, I gave Sweet P a paint brush and let her go to town. It's still hanging on Gammie's fridge.
Playing outside: We spent lots of time outside since the weather was so nice (can you say 82 one day?!). We went to parks, took walks and Sweet P LOVED playing in Auntie Kannon's Cozy Coupe (I've told you before Gammie keeps EVERYTHING!). Loved soaking up the warmth of the south.
Does opening presents count as an educational activity? I vote yes, definitely teaches gross motor skills! Ha.
Magnetic Ballerina: Auntie Kannon gave this to Sweet P as a Christmas gift and she adores it (I have to admit I like playing with it too!)! I'm trying to teach her where a shirt goes on the doll. She's got the pants and shoes down, but shirts? Not so much. As you can see, this shirt makes a nice hat.

Puzzles: Sweet P got several new puzzles from her grandparents and has really gotten the hang of them lately. The one she's playing with is Melissa & Doug and makes noise when you put the pieces in.
More stickers: Her love for stickers has continued since we got home!
Sweet P was also a huge help with putting away Christmas decorations. I wish I had a picture of her dragging a box of trash to the trashcan unprompted because it was such a hilarious moment. She did a great job taking ornaments off the tree and I was really surprised at how easily she said goodbye to some of the Christmas stuff she's been playing with.

Nana got her an easel that we played with today and she loves the dry erase markers. Didn't get any pictures of this either because we were in the basement and the camera was upstairs and I really didn't feel like going to get it!

Books, books, books! I'm going to admit something. I think Sweet P got over 20 books for Christmas when it was all finished. And she's had a ball with them. Here are a few we've read this week: