We're Baaaack!


We're home. Finally.

We got in last night and all of us were snuggled in bed by 9:30pm! And we didn't wake up until 7:45am! Even Sweet P. Yep. The Farmer and I were lovin' those 10 hours of sleep we got. And I'm sure Sweet P was lovin' that non-Pack'n'Play mattress of hers!

We spent the day restocking our groceries, putting away clothes, doing laundry, deciding where new things would go (although most new things are still in a box waiting to be put in another place), making a Goodwill box and building a new shelf! Well, the Farmer is building the shelf as I write (and make sure dinner is cooking).

I am so excited about my new shelf! I got the idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and couldn't wait to go to Dallas so I could make a trip to Ikea ('cause if you think Iowa has an Ikea you are sadly mistaken). And oh my goodness was that trip worth it.

Besides the awesome new shelving, I found a ream of butcher paper, wines glasses (because we don't own a single one) for .30! (yes, 30 cents!) and a blue tunnel for Sweet P that was in the "As Is" pile for (are you ready for this?) $2.00!! Yes, $2. Oh, how that child will appreciate that tunnel in the snow-filled days to come.

Which brings me to this...would you believe that we drove into a snowless Des Moines last night? No snow! We couldn't believe it either (and I'm pretty sure the Farmer did a little dance). After last years 71 inches (I read it in the paper last year so I'm not exaggerating), I was baffled (and quite glad). Anyway, I'm babbling.

It's good to be home, though we miss Gammie, Nana, the Aunties, the Papas, Paw-paw and the Uncles so very much. We had a blessed Christmas and were able to see each of Sweet P's grandparents, aunts and uncles (along with a dozen 2nd cousins).

How was your holiday season?