Felt Fish

My second handmade gift for Sweet P was a set of felt fish and a fishing pole. I saw these somewhere a few months ago, but wherever that was took me to Counting Coconuts where I found more details about this neat project.

I used some felt scraps I had lying around and decided to make 10. As far as embellishments go, I didn't have much at home so I bought a pack of wooden beads and added 1-10 on each fish.

I tried to make each fish a different color, but ended up with 2 pinks (but that's ok for my girly girl!). I free handed each fish and I must admit they looked a little funny in the beginning (the Farmer said so too). But I think they ended up looking pretty good!

Each fish has a white eye, except the white fish who needed more color! The pole is made from a small dowel rod, yarn, a small magnet and some hot glue. And each fish has a washer as its mouth so that it easily picked up by the magnet.

My pictures of her playing with them are still on the camera (waiting on Gammie to send the cord since I left it there), but these are going to be great for color and number games as well as gross motor skill development. Auntie Kannon's cat also loved this gift.