Coffee Filter Shamrocks

I know shamrocks really only have 3 sides, but for some reason when I think of St. Patrick's Day I think of Four-Leaf Clovers so that's what we make around here.

Sweet P LOVES coffee filter crafts - we've made the Earth, pumpkins, trees, umbrellas, snowmen and Valentine snowflakes this year! So, of course, we had to have a St. Paddy's Day Coffee Filter craft as well.

We use a dropper to distribute the colored water, but it could also be painted on. I used 2 different types of green food coloring - neon and regular, and also did a blend of yellow/blue for variety. You can see how the two colors separated on some of the coffee filters.

We left the filters out to dry and then later, I showed Sweet P how to fold them and cut them so they'd look like shamrocks (or four-leaf clovers). I drew a line with a crayon and she cut along the line. I love how different each of her shamrocks turned out! We also created one large shamrock by cutting out four hearts and taping them together.

They're the perfect decoration for our window and make neat patterns on the wall when the sun hits just right!

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