This is what packing with an 11 month old looks like

Tomorrow is closing day. At least we think so. Our realtor hasn't talked to our banker so we are a bit confused, but we're doing our final walk through tonight and by tomorrow at 3pm, we will be first time home owners. (We hope.)

It's a little sad saying goodbye to our little apartment of firsts. We joked tonight that Sweet P said, "We're moving?! I've spent my whole life here!" But that sadness lasted about 2 seconds before I remembered that by this time next week we'd be celebrating Sweet P's first birthday in our new digs.

Will I miss my loud neighbors? Nope.
Will I miss the pregnant lady across the way who smokes? Nope.
Will I miss the door that isn't sealed and allows a nice freezing breeze in the winter? Nope.
Will I miss having to traipse down 3 flights of stairs only to realize I forgot the garage door opener? Double nope.

I will definitely miss having 2 bathrooms! There's not much else about the apartment itself that I'll miss. The location is convenient, it's right behind a grocery store, but when I remember all the other inconveniences living behind a shopping center brings...I'm not so sad about not being able to walk to the grocery store at my new house.

So these are the last posts from the apartment and truthfully, this week they may be few and far between. But we'll be back soon posting as usual from our new house and new kitchen (oooh, I can't wait for that!).

Special thanks to my friend K who came over yesterday with her daughter L to entertain Sweet P so I could pack. And for bringing me a much needed latte! Thank you!