One More Night

Whew, even Sweet P's worn out from packing

After tonight (which I'm not really counting), we'll have ONE MORE NIGHT! in the apartment. Can you tell I'm excited?

What I'm not excited about are the shin splints I'm currently suffering from since we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment bldg with no elevator. Doesn't moving out sound like fun? Oh it is, it is. It takes me 30 minutes to pack the car with a load and about 5 to unload it at the house...why? Oh. Yep. Stairs. But I'm not complaining. Really. I'm just so doggone excited about getting out of here that I shouldn't even be talking about those stairs. I also have to remember that we decided to save money and do it ourselves so I need to just settle down.

If I had some pictures, I'd show you how desolate our apartment is. But I haven't really been up to par in the picture taking area (remember?) and I get reprimanded by Gammie on a regular basis ("Where are my pictures of Sweet P?"). I know you're reading this mom, so there you have it. Plus, there's a pic of her up top.

Also, if I haven't mentioned it, Sweet P's first real word is BALL. She says ball for just about everything, because if you think about it...there's a lot that resembles a ball. Like onions, apples, name it. It's a ball to Sweet P. She amazes me that she can find a ball in ANY store.

Tomorrow night I'll post a super fun post about what went on that same night a year ago. It'll be the last post from the apartment. And then we'll be MIA for awhile as we set up shop in our new home and get around to setting up the good ole internet.

Shout out: To Auntie Rosita who had her first open house tonight! I haven't heard how it went yet, but I'm sure it was fabulous. If you haven't checked out her work, you should! I'm not just saying that because she's my sister, either.