The Secret...

The Farmer and I are buying a house! We finally found a house we both love and are in the middle of the process. I wanted to wait until after the inspection before blurting it out to the world (which is tough, believe me). The inspection went well and they are changing a few of the things we asked of them. God is good and has definitely been guiding us through this entire process. We are on our way to being home owners and in my opinion, not fast enough. Here is an episode that occurred at the apartment complex this week...

The Farmer was getting ready for bed and came in to kiss me goodnight (I was finishing up some things online).

Me: Do you smell something burning?

Farmer: Yes, must be outside.

(Farmer goes to bedroom and gets in bed.)

I finish up and hear a loud POP similar to that of a gunshot...not a good sound. I looked up and saw the mirage in the air that a fire usually makes and thought: They are burning something right outside!

So I stood up and my eyes got wide...really wide. Approximately 75 feet from our building was a blazing fire inside of our dumpster. This would be fine and dandy if the dumpster wasn't surrounded by a wooden fence AND 75 feet from my child's window.


Farmer: What?! (half asleep)

Me: I'm calling 911. (calls 911)

We then watch from the window as two residents run out with fire extinguishers which do a whole lot of nothing to the fire. The fire truck finally gets there and has it out in about 2 minutes. After it was all said and done...

Me: I'm asking Adam (our realtor) tomorrow if we can close early.

The Farmer (just now): You should've taken a picture of the dumpster.