First Day at the Farm

We've taken plenty of trips to the farm since Sweet P was born. When all of our visitors cycled through, we took each of them out to see why we moved to Iowa. We visited the farm twice during the winter, once Sweet P and I got out. The other time, we stayed snug as a bug in the car.

Yesterday (the weather was fabulous), though, we made our first real appearance on the farm as a family. While we waited for The Farmer to get the garden ready, we basked in the sun, took pictures in the fields, played in her new tent, laid on a blanket under some trees and took a stroll. When he was ready for us, we set up Sweet P with her walking cart (see picture) and I set to work.

If you are not aware, I do not like getting my hands dirty (which is pretty essential for gardening, farm work, etc). I am also not a gardener, I don't think I've ever planted anything and the only yard work I've ever done that I can recall is pulling weeds for money as a teenager. But I am really excited about the new garden and I am even more excited that I get to be a part of it. Getting there is tough with Sweet P in tow, but now that we know what taking her is like--we'll be making a whole lot more visits in the future.
Planting Beets
Okay, okay, so what did we plant? I planted Bull's Blood and Albino beets, turnips and radishes (I can just hear everyone salivating, HA!) while the Farmer planted broccoli, potatoes, kale, sugar peas, cabbage, swiss chard, arugula, lettuce, onions (The Farmer found 100 mini bulbs at Menards for $1.00, are you kidding?!), spinach and bok choy (now I really am salivating). I can't wait until we see results. We'll be taking a trip out next weekend so I can see how the plants are doing. Why did I plant so little? Well, I probably could have done more BUT...

After planting the beets, I opened the turnip package to see the tiniest seeds...EVER (imagine planting a sprinkle). I planted one row, then turned to help Sweet P with something and came back to plant the 2nd row. It wasn't until I was covering them with dirt that I realized I'd planted the 2nd row on top of the Albino beets! ARGH. Then, I accidentally put the extra turnip seeds from my hand in the Albino beets package. ARGH. And finally, while I was replanting the 2nd row, the turnip package blew in the wind dumping all but a few of the seeds onto the ground (I never did find them...tiny little things). But The Farmer was super patient with me and I got it done.

Watering the seeds with Sweet P
With all that, can you really believe I'm the Farmer's Wife?