Toddler Time: "Wanta"

I love the new things Sweet P has been learning. She is so funny without even realizing it.

As I've said before, any man with a brown beard is Jesus. And until recently men with a white beard were Noah.

Enter Santa Claus. He threw everything for a loop. Sweet P was doing good knowing that the guy with the red suit and a white beard was Santa ("Wanta"). She even says HO HO HO when we walk by a Santa. Until we started revisiting some books with Noah and now she's all confused. Today at the doctor's office I pointed to a set of Santas sitting on the counter and said "Who is this?"

Her reply? NOAH!!!! Teehee. I can only imagine what goes through her little brain. Santa? Noah?

Sweet P and I like to ride around the house pretending we're horses (yep, with the window shades WIDE open) and I say "tooka took tooka took tooka took" to mimic horse hooves (c'mon you know what I mean). Then we stop and I say "Nay!" Well today after we ventured out in the snow to Target, we got in the car and I heard her say "took took took NAAAYYYY!" Oh boy is she cute.

One last thing. I think it's pretty funny that Sweet P calls Santa, "Wanta" because that's pretty much what he hears all day! "I wanta this, I wanta that."