Tot School: Travel Edition #2

Sweet P is 19.5 mos old

We left town on Thursday morning so we were at Gammie's for 1/2 of our week. We also had a LOT to do before we left so our activities were sparse this week. But at the start of the week we made our fun Santa Handprint Craft and our Fingerprint Snowmen.

We made ornaments at our friend K's house and fingerpainted in the process. Unfortunately, we used the wrong kind of paint and it all chipped off by the time we got home. Any ideas on what paint we should have used? We used tempera.
Christmas erasers: These were an advent gift and we used them to practice matching. She was able to match each one and even matched them by shape when I flipped them over (picture side down). One of the snowmen made it into our food bag and came with us on the trip. Sadly, his head was removed during transit.
$1 Books: Our friend Amy gave us this book as a gift and it's a great find! It doesn't have a great story (just the lyrics to We Wish You A Merry Christmas), but it has great colors and a wheel that you turn on the side and once she figured it out she had a ball with it.
Looking at ornaments and an Usborne book party: She loves to go around the tree telling me each ornament. Later this day we went to an Usborne book party/bow/Pampered Chef party at a friend's house and she had a great time playing with the other kids, books and toys.
Car trip: Lots of books (including our Christmas book), playing with the Bumble in a baggie!, Hermie the Elf (the finger puppet) and mini magnadoodle.

Sensory Bin: Gammie made us this awesome sensory bin when we got here. It's full of tiny ornaments, seashells, beads shaped as animals, jingle bells, wooden shapes (ovals, hearts, squares, stars and crosses), decorative stones, buttons, mini clothes pins and tiny (really too tiny to be playing with) sea creature toys. She still loves dumping it all out on the floor and scooping it up.

Music with Auntie Kannon: She listened to her favorite Florence and the Machine song on Auntie K's new headphones.
At the park: It's too cold in Iowa to go out and swing, but not in Texas! We went to the park and all she wanted to do was "wing." We tried to feed 2 ducks, but they weren't interested. So we watched fish eat the bread instead!