Handprint Santa Craft

Gammie emailed me this craft and while it was meant for a card I decided I could put it onto a t-shirt. I also changed up a few other things. Gammie thought it would be a good idea to use pompons for his hat so she sent me some (thanks mom!) and I decided to use a bell for the top of his hat. I also didn't have googly eyes, but did have some felt to make eyes. You'll also notice he has no mouth. Oh c'mon, it's covered by the beard! I had everything I needed except the t-shirt and it was $2.99 at Hobby Lobby.

Here's what you need:

The Craft: Handprint Santa

What you need:
White and pink fabric paint
1 red button
2 small pieces of black and white felt
1 large piece of red felt
Red embroidery floss
White and black thread
1 jingle bell

Cut out a piece of red felt in the shape of a stocking hat or a simple triangle would work! Stitch the felt to the t-shirt using red embroidery floss.
Use white thread to sew pompons to the bottom of the hat. I just used a regular stitch on everything. Cut out 2 white circles and 2 black circles from your felt. Sew the black felt to the white circle to create an eye. Repeat with the other eye.

Use a paintbrush (or if your child is old enough they can stick their hand in the paint) to brush white paint on your child's hand. Cover it well as the paint will soak into the t-shirt.
Stamp your child's hand fingertips away from the neckline of the shirt to create Santa's beard.

Dip your child's finger in pink paint and dab two prints to make his cheeks. Allow to dry for about 30 mins.

Sew his nose (red button) to the shirt using red embroidery floss, then the eyes with white thread.
Use embroidery floss to attach the jingle bell to the tip of his hat.
And there you have it! Handprint Santa in no time!

If you don't want to use a t-shirt, you can do all of the above with cardstock and paint.