What a difference...

In August our basement flooded. Gotta love Iowa rain. There wasn't much we could do, water was literally seeping up out of the ground! We borrowed a shop vac and some fans and went to work. We cleared out the carpet (which wasn't that great to begin with) and all the furniture moved upstairs for a few uuhh, months. See that disgusting tile that was underneath the carpet...ugh.
After a lot of pondering over what to with the basement (since we wanted to do it all ourselves) we decided on a few coats of paint and carpet squares. The prior owners rehabbed our house (just not so much the basement) so all the paint they used was still in the basement. We picked the color of the bedrooms and living room and got to work.

We found carpet squares at Menard's and bought 2 boxes to see what we thought. Then one day, I decided to see what I could find online for the same squares. I ended up finding them at American Carpet Wholesalers for $25 cheaper!!! And free shipping!!! I worried about ordering carpet on a website I didn't know much about so we only ordered half after seeing a few good reviews about them. Turned out great! We ordered the rest and the Farmer finished installing it last weekend!
We have a little alcove room off to the side that I've always planned to use as a craft room/homeschool room. It has one wall that has a trim panel through it (so it's cut in half). I painted the bottom half with chalk board paint and as you can see Sweet P has already been at work!
I didn't take a before pic of the angle with the laundry room (behind the curtain).
What a difference some paint and carpet makes! I'm so happy with the results and we're down here right now enjoying our "new" basement! Now if we could just keep that water out next spring...