Tot School: Week 6

Sweet P is 19 mos old

Why is December the busiest month in the world? Oh right. Christmas time!!! We still managed to get some stuff in last week. This week is going to be even busier and poor Sweet P is sick. Gotta love winter (and cold and flu season).

I've seen a few blogs play with bottle caps, but The Life of Pastor's Wife does some great stuff with them. I saved them up for a few weeks and Sweet P has been playing with them all week. I'm hoping to get a few more colors so we can do some color stuff with them, too.
Ponpoms! We love ponpoms around here. I like to fill the container with different colors and then hand her a few and have her sort them.
Straw sorting: We did this again this week and again, it's about a minute long activity before she's on to something else. I saw someone cut them into small pieces this week so I'll try that to see if it keeps her attention longer.
Color matching: The color cards are from COAH, but the paint samples are from Wal-Mart. Hey, whatever keeps em' busy in the cart, right? She's gotten really good at matching and she matched all of these correctly!
Our dear friend Denise let us borrow her LeapFrog Fridge Phonics alphabet set. Sweet P is lovin' it and LOVES the ABC song anyway, so she pushes that button all day long to hear the song.
On Wednesday we made pizza dough together. YUM! She kept saying BALL at the dough in the mixer. Then she got to knead and pat it out, too.
Sensory Bucket (ScrabbleApple pieces, small and large pompons, jingle bells, clear decorative stones): That girl LOVES dumping that stuff all over the floor. All the pieces keep her busy and she's started picking up one color of the little pompons (all the pink, all the green, etc). Too funny.
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer: You can't really see the pompon, but she is holding a red one to her nose and we were singing along to the song. Don't worry, I had a red nose too! We also sang jingle bells and held a handful of bells.
Santa Countdown: This awesome placemat is from Auntie RoRo. We haven't used it as a placemat, but we love turning the dial each day! And Sweet P definitely knows Ho Ho Ho!
Pompon sorting: This speaks for itself.
Books from last week:
A Life God Rewards for Little Ones: Bruce Wilkinson, This is probably Sweet P's favorite book.
Heavenites: Angels to Zebras: Shauna Collison, This book has an audio CD that we listened too while we read
My Giant Foldout Book of Bible Stories, I love these books. We also have the Stories of Jesus in this series.

Advent Calendar gifts: Last week Sweet P got a set of felt letters and a set of gingerbread men to practice counting with in her advent calendar. Both of these have been a big hit so far.
Piggy bank: I can't remember where I saw this, but I dumped out Sweet P's piggy bank and she had a great time refilling it. And of course, we washed our hands after this activity.
While cutting out felt for a gift for Sweet P I found this scrap. She thought it was so funny running around with that little red beak.
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