Quilted Numbers

I discovered this project when my friend Red made it as a new baby gift for our friend Jess. (Red is an amazing seamstress. She's currently on vacation from Etsy, but check back to see the awesome things she does!). She made the whole alphabet, but I was a bit nervous about taking on so many letters when I really didn't have a clue what I was doing! I did end up figuring it out and these were born:

I found the templates for the numbers at Oh So Happy Together and printed them out. I bought green fabric with white polka dots and white flannel as the filler. There are 2 pieces of white flannel on the inside because I wanted them to be a little stiffer. Then I followed the directions on Oh So Happy Together.

I cut them out on our trip to Colorado and they sat pinned together waiting to be sewn for 3 weeks while I tried to use up the brown thread on the bobbin in my sewing machine. Alas, it wouldn't run out so I ended up taking it off to thread white onto the bobbin. They took about an hour to sew. I think it would have gone faster, but I'm an amateur sewer and (ahem) am not so good at sewing a curved line (so there was a lot of seam ripping and redoing and ripping and redoing). And if you haven't noticed, numbers have a lot of curves in them. Have you seen the number 8 lately?

Once they were sewn together I threw them in the wash. I dried them and when they came out they were all curled into a ball so I ironed them to flatten them out.

My lines may not be perfect, but I love the finished product and I really hope Sweet P does, too. I think they'll be a great learning tool. When I get home I plan to make a + and - sign for them as well.

Quilted Alphabet up next? Let's wait and see how these go over first!

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