A Healthier Gingerbread House

If you know anything about me, you know I'm a little bit of a nut about what Sweet P eats. She doesn't eat candy so I didn't want to make a gingerbread house with her out of candy bits and frosting. I set out to find a healthy alternative and didn't find much out there so I came up with a few things of my own. I used all organic products except the pretzels, but you can always use non-organic foods as well.

Keep in mind I'm sharing this with you for health reasons not because I'm a pro gingerbread houser (as you can see).

Our friends C and K came over (since we're both quarantined due to sickness) and we attempted to make these with the girls. If you think that happened, you're sadly mistaken. But C and I had a great time fixing up our houses (between kids yelling for more of whatever topping they wanted to eat!).

How to build a Healthier Gingerbread House:

What you need:
Dried coconut (shaved)
Dried fruit (raisins, apples, etc.)
Chopped dried apricots
Pumpkin seeds
Fruit leathers cut into strips
Honey wheat pretzels
Natural peanut butter
Whole wheat graham crackers
Now, I will not pretend that I made this awesome gingerbread house. I made more of a gingerbread hut. Natural peanut butter doesn't quite work like frosting that hardens so I wasn't able to make a slanted roof. With more time though, I think it might have worked (I'll pretend anyway).
Once you've built your house out of the graham crackers, get to work on the the toppings. I used a fruit leather for a door, raisins for windows, pumpkin seeds for shingles and coconut for snow on the roof. As you can see, it's far from a masterpiece, but with a 19 mo old things need to be quick.

The Result: Our Healthy Gingerbread Hut & two happy girls

This picture is so funny because K is looking at me and Sweet P is looking at C!