Muffin Tin Monday: Sweet P Style

Muffin Tin Monday at

Sweet P has been all about helping in the kitchen lately. I ask her if she wants to help make "insert whatever it is" and she says, "Wanna pull my chair over?" and runs over to grab a chair from the kitchen table. It's the only time she's allowed to stand on a chair and she LOVES helping. She does, however, have a reeeeeeally hard time not eating the pizza dough, unbaked granola, muffin batter and anything else she helps with. Silly girl.

Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to help make her muffin tin and she jumped at the chance. She brought her chair over and I handed her the tin and the silicon liners (they only come in an 8 pack...why? I have no idea). She placed them in 8 places and I got out her lunch. After I told her to wait to eat the food until we'd finished she went to town filling up her tins.
She didn't end up eating much because she was tired and laying her head on the table 5 minutes into the meal.
She was so proud of her lunch! Why yes, she is still in her pajamas. And so was I!

Clockwise from top left: yellow watermelon (from the farm), cherry tomatoes (from the backyard), spinach, yellow watermelon, pecans (from Pops' backyard), watermelon, cottage cheese, pickle, watermelon, raisins and spiral whole wheat pasta

Everything but the pickle is organic/chemical free.