Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity

With the book as a guide, I found items in our school stuff that served as food for the caterpillar. I was able to find several stickers, we used pompoms for all the fruit and things I couldn't find I cut out of construction paper (hence the orange salami).

What we used:
1 apple: red pompom
2 pears: pear sticker
3 plums: blue pompoms
4 oranges: orange pompoms
5 strawberries: pink pompoms
1 piece of chocolate cake: sticker
1 ice cream cone: foam sticker
1 pickle: green construction paper
1 piece of cheese: yellow construction paper
1 piece of salami: orange construction paper
1 lollipop: foam sticker
1 slice of pie: sticker
1 piece of sausage: orange construction paper
1 cupcake: sticker
1 watermelon: a piece of watermelon that used to be attached to a melon baller
leaf: green piece of felt

(this is the pic of our original, our new looked exactly the same minus a few legs)

We made another caterpillar like the one here (you can find directions for the caterpillar in that post) and then read the book. While we read the book, I took off the caterpillar's face (which sounds terrible, but he had to eat!) and she dropped the food into the paper towel roll as I read. He was a FULL caterpillar by the end! After he ate the leaf, I replaced his face and we wrapped him in a blanket (his chrysalis). We put him on a shelf and I told her we'd check on him after her nap.

Of course, I forgot to turn him into a butterfly while she slept so I ran to do it while the Farmer watched her for a few minutes (let's just say those few minutes turned into a disaster after she cut her heel on the dishwasher). Eventually he made the switch to a butterfly and I brought it out to show her. She loved it and likes to fly him around.
Such a simple activity to show the process of caterpillar to butterfly.