Simple Ideas: Paper Car Mat

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most fun.
Thank you to Bianca at A Little Delightful for this fun, cheap and simple idea.

I know we have a felt car mat, but I when I saw this I knew we had to do it. So we did it as a family on Labor Day. It stayed on the kitchen floor for a few days before being recycled and Sweet P had a great time with it (and was super excited to show her babysitter last week!). She just realized today that it wasn't there anymore (4 days after I recycled it) and said, "Wanna play on that paper car mat?" So we may just have to make another one in the near future.

Please don't be jealous about the awesome artwork the Farmer and I created for Sweet P. I also love that Sweet P's scribbles somewhat resemble graffiti. We had a great time with this. Wish the pictures were better, but it was an awkward angle, it was nighttime and there was no way I was standing on the counter to get a better shot.
We used a roll of paper we had, but you can definitely tape sheets of paper together if that's all you have. Tape it to the floor with packing tape, get out the markers and GO! Don't forget the cars, trucks and tractors!