Tot Preschool: Letter Bb

Sweet P is 28.5 mos old
I really should write these to go alongside the week we do them because I'm having a hard time (I blame mommy brain) remembering exactly what we did last week! A lot has happened since then. Here goes nothin'.

Several of our activities were the same at letter Aa, just focused on letter Bb. I also forgot to mention that we watch the letter the corresponds with ours on Starfall each morning and she really enjoys it. We also do the sign language portion and it has been so neat to watch her sign A, B and C.

I also wrote Letter Bb on our chalkboard wall this week and she was fascinated by this!

B is for Butterfly from COAH: I was going to have her color this and then laminate it, but it didn't go like I thought. So we talked about letter B and she dotted the white dots with marker.

Ball Bb doadot from 1+1+1: I always ask her what colors she wanted to use (she uses one color for capital letters and another for lowercase) and she has been picking yellow and pink each time. She does great with this and then likes to dot all over the page.

B collage: I found several more B stickers this week and her collage was much bigger than her A collage. She and the Farmer did this one morning while I was at a meeting.

B dot page from COAH: We did this with stickers again, but used another set of smiley face stickers from Auntie RoRo. Before she did stickers, she dotted each circle with a dry erase marker.
Bumblebee B: She used watered down glue and a q-tip for this project.

Beaver coloring page: This is from a coloring book and I think she did an awesome job dotting the beaver's face! This was mixed media art! She used crayons, markers, doadots and oil pastels (they came in art pack and aren't REAL oil pastels).

TP bee: Look for a guest feature on Sun Scholars for this activity.

Tot Trays:
Jingle bells: I started her out with just the ice cube tray and bowl, but added several other elements as she played. She really had fun with these and we kept them out for letter C because she liked them so much. She added them to a large container of bouncy balls, put them in small containers, scooped them with a spoon and sang Jingle Bells while shaking them in her hand.

Melissa & Doug Lacing Bear: Lacing the bear's clothes is still difficult for her so I help out, but she likes to place the clothes on top of her bear.

ABC matching puzzles: These are from Target and I place them in a tent pocket chart. I do some capital and some lowercase and she finds the matches based on the ones in her pile. It helps that the colors match the letters.

Bananagrams Spelling: This was similar to the Scrabble Apple activity we did last week. I wrote a word on a dry erase board and she placed the appropriate letter tiles on the word. I did one word at a time this week and it went much smoother.
Pretty Bugs Lapbook from 1+1+1=1: This was our first real lapbook. I've made a few simple ones in the past, but this one had several activities for her. I only printed the activities I thought were age appropriate and she had a difficult time with "Which one is different?", but did great with the rest of the activities. Her favorite was the letter cards. You're supposed to use clothes pins, but I gave her a dry erase marker. We said the name of the item on the card (ex. Leaf) and then I'd tell her "Leaf started with L." and she'd mark the letter L with her marker. Sometimes I'd say the item and have her guess what it started with. She got the B items right!

Upstairs Shelves:
Body Parts Puzzle: From Target $1 spot last year. She does a pretty good job with these puzzles. We're still working on doing corner and edge pieces first. Sweet P LOVES puzzles.

Melissa & Doug Emotions Bear: I love this toy. Gammie got it for her for Christmas last year and it's such a great option for teaching her emotions.

Circo ABC puzzle: I kept this from Letter Aa week, but it didn't see much playing time (when it was competing with the other 2 puzzles)

Magnetic Animal Bingo: From Target during the holiday season. This is BY FAR Sweet P's favorite game. "Wanna play bingo?" is asked a lot at our house. I'm not sure she understands the concept of bingo, but she understands how to play. We spin the arrow and she places a magnet piece on the animal. She and the Farmer have a great time with this and she loves to poke the magnet pieces out of their holder.


Butterfly Birthday
Butterfly Birthday by Harriet Ziefert: This was a great book and also great for Letter Cc when we talked about caterpillars/chrysalises.

Bible stories: the story about Balaam in A Child's First Bible and Two "Brave" Soldiers in our Baby Bible book (I LOVE this book and we got it at the Farmer's Market in Indianola for 50 cents!).

Sheesh, I can't remember our other B books (ask me about our C books).

Other Activities:

Apple Orchard: We joined some friends at a super fun apple orchard and played in the houses of the 3 little pigs, a corn pool (yep, that's all corn), rode on mini tractors, milked a fake cow, looked at turkeys, pigs, horses, goats and ducks, jumped on a jumping pillow (she did anyway!) and took a tractor ride!

Library Story Time and Mommy & Me Music: We do these each week and she really enjoys these activities