Snow Tracks

Know what this is?

Yeah, I didn't either. Until I found more in the yard while Sweet P and I were out playing in the snow. It's a rabbit track! I didn't have my camera while were playing, so by the time I went back out the majority of the tracks had disappeared with the snow so this is the only track left.

This track was hanging out right below our bird feeder we made last week (so far we've seen ZERO birds feeding from it). Think it's the wrong time of year for a bird feeder? Anyway, we found it while checking on our bird feeder. I think this little rabbit smelled the peanut butter on our bird feeder, but couldn't figure out how to reach it!

We followed the tracks around the yard until we got to the fence line and saw the track disappear into the neighbors yard. I was SO excited that we'd found an animal track in the snow! Sweet P wasn't quite as impressed as I was (she wanted to go back to the pile of snow the Farmer shoveled into a flower bed). We also saw paw prints from the neighbor's dog in the yard behind us.

We made some of our own tracks with our boots and Sweet P liked the polka dot print her boots made. I'm actually excited for it to snow again so we can have some deeper snow to play in!

Have you seen any animal tracks in your snow?

Note: We don't live on the farm (yet), we live in town so this was a special treat. These are a regular occurrence at the farm!