Snow Glad We're Friends

I gotta just say that I was pretty darn excited when I came up with this idea. I knew that I wanted us to make cards for Sweet P's friends as part of Toddler Approved's 100 Acts of Kindness Project, but wasn't sure how or what we should do.

I finally decided we'd make snowmen out of small paper plates and some leftover white circles from our Santa Advent Calendar. I just needed something witty to say. Then, one night on my drive home from teaching, I had a YES! THAT'S IT! moment. And these cutie patooties were born.

Sweet P made 5 in all and we gave them to friends over the course of 2 weeks.

I wrote the phrase "Snow Glad We're Friends" on each plate while she drew the faces on the circles and glued on the hats.  Then, I stapled the head to the body and she put 3 stickers buttons on the body.

She did an awesome job on the faces and was so excited to give them to friends. We gave some in person, put one in a friend's mailbox and I gave one to a friend's mom (mostly because I forgot we'd see him the next day). It was such a fun way to tell a friend we are glad they are in our lives.

Please share any Acts of Kindness you've been doing in the comments!