Lid Ornaments

The inspiration for this project came from these Nature Collage Ornaments posted by The Golden Gleam. We tried several times to collect nature pieces for this project, but the first time we forgot about the berries and they got thrown away. Then I kept forgetting to have her bring acorns inside during her walks with daddy on vacation. We still plan to do the nature version when the weather warms back up.

While we were crafting with TK, Blair and Gammie, we had her sensory bin from last year out. There were PLENTY of small pieces perfect for making ornaments similar to the Nature Ornaments. We liked the first one so much - we made 3! 

The Craft: Lid Ornaments

What you need:
Elmer's glue
Small beads, rhinestones, pompoms, jinglebells or other objects
Lid from a glass jar or tin can lid opened with the proper can opener (it doesn't leave a sharp edge)
Yarn or ribbon

Pour Elmer's glue onto the top of the lid, then stick objects in the glue. Allow to dry overnight or until the pieces no longer move around. Glue yarn or ribbon to the back to hang the ornament on the wall or on your tree at Christmas. 

Gammie has a fancy hole punch so our tin can lids had holes punched in them for easy hanging!