Bring it Inside

What do you do when it's too cold to play outside in the snow? You bring it INSIDE! This idea was inspired by Happy Hooligans fun in the snow!

The Farmer set up the water table in the basement and lugged in a bucket of snow for Sweet P yesterday. She LOVED it! We started off with bowls and an ice cream scoop and she had a ball just scooping the snow from the bucket into the table.

I ran upstairs to get some people to play with and formed a slide for the people to slide down. She wasn't very interested in my slide. She just kept scooping! We made ice cream and cupcakes and I attempted a tunnel. Sweet P went through 3 pairs of gloves (they weren't snow gloves and kept getting wet, but they worked the best for this activity). If you look closely you can find her in all 3 pairs!

Random insert: Our neighbors put a perfectly good book shelf on the curb last night and I said "TAKE THIS HOME RIGHT NOW" to the Farmer (except I was a little bit nicer) while were on our walk last night. Here's how the rest of the convo went:
Him: "I'm not taking that home right now."
Me: "Why not?! Someone is going to take it!"
Him: "This thing has been here ALL day. No one is going to take it."
Me: "Fine. But if it's gone when we come back I'm going to be really mad."
...30 minutes later.
Him: "I can't see it. Someone must've picked it up."
Me: Craning my neck and straining my eyes to find it (we were still several houses down). "You better be kidding."
Him: "Oh wait. It was hiding behind that tree."

And all was right in the world. We lugged it home. He took the frame and the shelves while I lugged the backing, holding Sweet P's hand (Baby Brother was in the Ergo if you're wondering).
End random insert.

While she was playing, I decided to clean above book shelf because it was right next to where she was playing and REALLY dirty. I ran up to get the dust stuff (olive oil & vinegar in a spray bottle) and a rag. Halfway into it, Sweet P wanted my spray bottle. So I found an empty one, filled it up with water and let her go to town. (this paragraph reminds me of a "If You Give A Mouse" book.)
She quickly learned that spraying water on snow turns it to a slushy consistency and if you keep spraying, it melts it into water. That spray bottle got a workout and at one point she was spraying herself in the face on accident. I squatted down to help just as she figured it out and got a face full of sprays. We thought this was hilarious so she sprayed me until my face was dripping. Then the Farmer came down and said "Was she spraying you? Your face is wet." Ha. Then he got a face full, too.
SO much fun. We are SO doing this again. Soon.