Crack the Egg Activity

I've been wanting to let Sweet P play with egg shells for awhile, but never could remember to save the shells for her. I wanted to do it even more after I saw this post at Linda's Pre-K. Well finally while making cookies recently, I accidentally hit the top of an egg on the mixer and it made a perfect little hole in the top. I carefully dumped out the egg and washed out the inside. It was still intact and perfectly hollow for her little hands!

I set up a tray for her and the striped container was Humpty Dumpty's wall. That kid is ALL about Humpty Dumpty. She sat the egg on the wall, then let it fall on the tray. I asked her if she could put him back together after the egg was in pieces. And she said, "Nooooo."

Playing with "Humpty Dumpty's" pieces

Examining the pieces

Cracking the egg into tiny pieces 

Sprinkling egg shells into cookies cutters to make shapes

Sprinkling egg shells on her tray

She had so much fun and really wanted to throw it everywhere. It was such a neat sensory activity for her. Next time we'll take these outside! I also want to try it with hardboiled eggs as well. Dying the eggs would be even more fun, but I'll save that for an Easter activities. 

Have you ever played with eggs?