Tissue Paper Art

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I've seen many, many ideas using contact paper so last week while Sweet P and I were on a mini-date to Wal-Mart (do I know how to do it up or what? Actually we call just about anything we do with just the 2 of us a "date") we picked some up.

And last Saturday we went to town creating an art project with contact paper and tissue paper. I grabbed a few pieces of tissue paper we had in our gift wrapping area and brought them down for her to tear.

The Craft: Tissue Paper Art

What you need:
Contact paper
Tissue paper (various colors)
Tape (packing tape or scotch)
Construction paper (optional)

Tape the contact paper sticky side up to the table or working area. Tear tissue paper into little pieces (you could also cut them if your child wants to) and stick them all over the contact paper. When finished, place the construction paper on top of one side of the contact paper (on top of the tissue paper). Fold over the other side of the contact paper so it is all stuck together.

The construction paper covers any open areas on the contact paper. Tada! The finished product!

I don't have pictures of the project in action, but I LOVE the final product. The neatest part is that the little pink heart was an accident! When we folded it together and looked at it, I saw the little heart. We're going to frame it and I can't wait to hang it in Sweet P's room!