Bear with me

I know. I know. You are so excited about the pizza recipe you can hardly stand it.

But. It'll have to wait. Because if I write the post now it'll have too many typos because it's late.

It was busy day today.

Full of the dentist. The grocery store. A crabby patty baby (who is still sick...and getting 3 new teeth!). A trip to Target and then the mall to find a jump rope. A jump rope class. And a sore foot. That hurts. Really bad.

So I'll be back tomorrow to post the pizza recipe. Although, it's not so much a pizza recipe as it is a cheese recipe. I'll keep you wondering.

Good night!

Update: I'm glad I mentioned typos and then made a big one in the title. Thanks Auntie Rosita for catching that. There will be no baring of anything with me.