Crash Boom Bash

Poor Sweet P was the victim of her first real injury this weekend. Thankfully, I was a heck of a lot more freaked out about it than she was.

I had just gotten home from the library where I was studying for a certification test I have in February and was sitting in one of our dining room chairs. Sweet P was standing next to me holding on the chair. I had just moved her out of her Sassy Seat to stand there while I looked through a baby cook book. For a moment, I thought "I should probably move her because this probably isn't the best place for her to be standing." But that moment passed and about 2 minutes after that Sweet P lost her balance, fell and smacked her little chin into the chair I was sitting in. I promptly yelled an obscenity, picked up my now screaming munchkin and held her head to my shoulder trying to soothe her.

It was only when she picked up her head and I looked at her face that I saw the blood. Lots of it. In my baby's mouth. Hysteria cascaded over me (and thank our dear sweet Lord the Farmer was home) as I tried to figure out where the blood was coming from. With kid injuries, you really have to push past that point of hysteria so you can figure out what to do next! It's hard to do that!

We finally saw that it was her tongue. Her adorable little teeth had bitten into the underside of her tongue. And all I have to say is thank you Lord that she doesn't have her top front teeth, yet. I'm afraid she may have bitten right through in that case. It bled for about 20 minutes (luckily she had calmed down after 2 minutes and was happily sucking on a piece of ice in a mesh bag) and once it stopped I figured I could go about business as usual.
I started feeding her acorn squash and suddenly there was blood all over again. It took a lot longer to stop that time. We gave her a bath and then I put her in an old t-shirt of mine, wrapped her in a towel and laid down with her. We both fell asleep for about an hour after which the bleeding had stopped. I figured I could go about business as usual.
Wrong-o. Again.
About 2 minutes into chewing on a toy, it started bleeding again and I finally realized that we were just going to have to hang out in an old t-shirt and play with our hands (we also watched a DVD from Nana Nancy called "God Made Me") until the next morning.

The next morning, I went about business as usual. Sweet P is fine, except for the little bruise on her chin. She's a pretty tough cookie.